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To contact GWT, please email Johannes Dzidzienyo at jd@globalworldtechnology.com or Deena Dzidzienyo at dd@globalworldtechnology.com. You can also reach Johannes at (301) 343-4320.

Global World Technology's (GWT) missions are to provide innovative IT and network capabilities and program management, with scalable solution based methodologies, with the primary function of customer focused requirement satisfaction.

Our exceptional services and solutions lead to improved organizational structures and efficiencies; effective and compliant strategic and implementation plans; management, and improved program performance.


GWT has a diverse team of professionals whose expertise is focused on what the company does best: implement site - specific solutions that are efficient, cost - effective, and on schedule. With technical expertise as diverse and complex as the sites and facilities it services, GWT is strategically positioned to support both private and public sector clients and manage a wide range of projects that address past, present, and future operations.

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